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At Colosul Online, we consider our medical transcriptionist as a medical language specialist who must possess a unique set of core competencies in order to convert voice to text. Colosul Online Medical Solutions through its innovative and scalable technology initiatives provides Physicians and healthcare organizations a comprehensive and unique experience of documentation which positively impacts the organization’s operations. The Colosul Online methodology brings about greater convenience to the Physician, effective care for the patient and enhanced efficiency for the healthcare organization.

Colosul Online is committed to providing medical transcription services to hospitals and physicians. Our commitment is founded on excellent quality and prompt delivery.

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Perfectly formatted so you can use them right away instead of spending hours editing and fixing other people’s work. Transcribed documents are a vital and necessary component to the healthcare record. At Colosul, quality is a metric-driven process that provides objective measures and steps for continuous improvement. Our team of highly skilled and experienced medical transcription professionals makes extensive use of reference material to deliver quality transcripts. We also employ our very own unique and stringent quality analysis and correction methodology to minimize errors. Prompt feedback is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining high levels of performance. At Colosul, the quality assurance program focuses on ongoing feedback, education, and performance improvement. The program is not limited to merely the correction of errors, but also focuses on developing a transcriptionist’s referencing skills, editing skills, and the skills required to cross verify data.

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