Professional Video Editing Services

Colosul Online video editing service professionals deliver a lot more than post-production support.

Video Editing and Creation

Add a little polish to your footage. If you have good footage, we can help. ColosulOnline can literally save you hours of work by cleaning up your footage, colour correcting it, post processing audio so it sounds better, and adding some titles, your logo and end slides featuring calls to action and/or website urls. We can’t salvage horrible footage, so ask us about the quality of your footage to see if we can help.

" A perfect way to entice your potential clients, stakeholders and team members is through compelling videos. It is perhaps the most viable tool in a digital marketing strategy. Visuals can better influence in a few seconds and convey the message in a concise way."

Legal music, audio included - No, you can’t just use any music you like for your video. With ColosulOnline you can get legal music and audio for your project. As a video editing agency with years' of experience, ColosulOnline has a commercial licence to access a professional filmmaking library containing thousands of music tracks, and audio sounds.


  • 1 An affordable way to make your videos a bit more polished for audiences.
  • 2 Seamless Control Over The Timeline.
  • 3 If you’ve got a footage, we can help add text, overlays, intros, extros, and more.

You’re a brand, startup, or marketing agency who needs to produce top-notch video.We provides undeniable value.
That’s us.

Ask us about doing video editing of your footage.
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Video Editing That Drives Results

Many of you shoot your own clips with your smartphone or basic DSLR. The problem you have is putting it all together, making it look at least somewhat professional, adding some titles, or having any time to do all of the above. That's where ColosulOnline can help. If you have good quality footage, we can help you.

“Your brand was built on and idea or belief. The Brand Video digs deeper into the philosophy of your company and helps create a more personal connection with your audience. ”

Shifting the focus from the who or why, the Product Video showcases your product and helps the audience understand how the product can fit into their personal or professional lives. Immerse yourself or your team in the post-production process with our in-house editing bay. Fully equipped to use remotely!

How the Process works

VVideo editing comprise of trimming the segments, Re-sequencing the segments, adding new segments, and including special effects. We guide you through the process step-by-step. The steps are simple, and we are always there by your side to help you through.

“Just follow the Simple online five-step process"

  • You send the clip/video files with instruction you want in the video
  • We work/edit on raw footage and produced into a draft
  • You review the draft video
  • You approve the final changes
  • We deliver your final video via web transfer as a downloadable mp4 file

  • Customer uploads the video file/s and brief

    Video clips

  • The video file is edited accordingly

    Video Editing

  • Customer reviews the video file content.


  • The file is uploaded for easy download.